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Missing Home

By Thant Thinzar Nwe

They said, “Bring your consciousness with you
Along with white spaces
To create a future you desire”

But today I was lost in the metallic waves of geometric lines
These perfectly architectural designs
Sent waves of uncertainty washing over me.

I am better acquainted to unruly colours
And chaotic creation
Stop giving me perfect black and white lines
Give me back my pandemonium of a city
Give me back my yellow flickering street lamps
And graffitied street signs
Give me back my cracked pavements
And concrete potholes
Give me back a skyline of dirty yellow stars
That clouded over with foggy skies
The city that created a nation of people
Who could survive anything,
Persist through anything
Prone to violently erupting in passion
Or mellowing under blossoms of yellow flowers

For I am in a nation ruled by hours
And watches and perpendicular lines
The only diversions on the tracks
With highways that run side by side
And ultimately barred by stop signs
Where the youth look at electric lights
And think they see the heavens
In this city tells its history by numbers

I am a denizen of a nation that tells its history by colours
I was the inky blackness of night
With splashes of cerulean blue washing over me like waves
Maroon thumping through my veins
Prussian blue the colour of my heart
Whispering its secrets

But now I’m just black and white

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