I’m Htet and I’m a photographer living in New York. I got into photography mainly to show my family back home the scenery around New York City. But a year later, I found myself climbing some of the tallest buildings and bridges trying to capture a side of the city not many people had seen before. The moment I realized photography was something I wanted to take seriously was when I first stood on the rooftop ledge of a 65 story residential building. The sun was setting on one side and a dark stormy cloud was rolling in from another. It was a view only billionaires had the luxury of seeing. I spent 4 hours on that rooftop that evening just soaking in the view. Despite New York being infamous for being noisy, up there it was total silence. It was peaceful. It was nice to just watch people from far away. I’m not going to lie. What I do is legally risky. But the reward of getting the shot, for me at least, is worth it. Because at the end of the day, the reward isn’t just a photograph. It’s a memory of some of the days I felt alive the most. That’s something I will carry with me forever.


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