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Yes, Let Us Rage Once More

By Aung Zin Phyo Thein

Crawling, cold and naked

Weak of bone and soul

Of blood drained in all but a drop

Of heart that questions

Why not relent

And be like them?

Fellow shells

Hollow miseries

Mere dust that care not the killing wind


Desolate, darkened

Flutter now in the slightest breeze

Once were they bright

And free

In flight of mind and soul

Now trodden into grounds that once they stood

Broken backs, hunched over broken dreams


It came close

The wintry ending

To killing the flame we wrought

Burning together

In brightest, scalding passion

Laying all before us

To ashen ruin

And rejoicing only

In our fire

Our skins hardened thick

And forged in-separate

So let us trod

Upon a bridge of broken backs

Let not your feet delicate

Tread on earth unholy

Come now, and let us go on

And rage a love beyond worldly belief

And defy this world once more.

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