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Monsoon Rains

By Mandy Moe Pwint Tu

Monsoon rains flood the streets,
I envy the storm clouds their freedom
their reign of solitude across the sky.

I wonder if it’s raining where you are,
and if you’re thinking of me right now.
I wonder if the rains possess the power
to wash away our love, these residue emotions
we’re no longer supposed to feel.
I wonder if I want them to.

I wish you were here, beside me,
so I can rest my head against your heart.
So I can feel the summer return to my bones.

I wonder at how simple my wants have become, since loving you.
How selfishly I could leave the world to its chaos,
if only I could stay by your side, through rains like this.

My darling, I only wish sunlight upon your soul,
and I hope your every prayer is granted.

But selfishly I hope, against all hope, that one of those prayers
is me.

Monsoon rains swallow the streets,
I envy the cobblestones
their willingness to drown.

I love you more each passing day.
And I know that the skies may change,
and the world sweep uneven a number of times
before I make my way home to you.

But darling, I will return.
You know I will.

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