In Depth with Nature

Works by Kaung Lin Kyi

My name is Kaung Lin Kyi and I am an artist from Yangon, Myanmar with a focus in oil paintings. My work delves deep into the theme of a sublime collision between realism and surrealism that delineates my personal relationship with nature. When I look at nature, I feel freedom, a connection to all forms of life. Experiencing nature as a whole, I feel overwhelmed. Thus, through painting, I am attempting to capture the layered inter-connectivity of nature.

Oil on Canvas
84 x 60 inches

Enteroctopus dofleini

Oil on Canvas
84 x 60 inches

760290dd-b5e0-4123-9495-c636141d176aWhat You See Is What You Don’t Get

Oil on Canvas
102 x 60 inches


Oil on Canvas
48 x 60 inches


Oil on Canvas
60 x 72 inches

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